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1. VISIA™ - Is there correlation between porphyrins and sun damage?
2. VISIA™ - Should the patient's eyes be open or closed when the picture is taken?
3. VISIA™ - What are the definitions of the various skin features...
4. VISIA™ - What clinical methods were used to validate VISIA?
5. VISIA™ - What factors influence the results of the image session?
6. VISIA™ - What is the definition for each of the three types of skin conditions?
7. VISIA™ - What is the wavelength used for the UV photography?
8. VISIA™ - Which data display option is best for our practice to use?
9. VISIA™ - Why can't I mask the front of the face?
10. VISIA™ - Why isn't the porphyrin count reduced after cleansing?