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MIRROR™ PhotoTools

MIRROR™ PhotoTools
"Optimizes images, streamlines workflow, and enhances visual communication for:
• consultations; • lectures;
• publishing; • surgical planning!"

Get the highest yield from your images with MIRROR™ PhotoTools, the invaluable toolset for enhancing communication, optimizing images and streamlining workflow. PhotoTools multiplies the effectiveness of your images for polished, professional consultations, presentations and publication. Capture perfect “before and afters” with MatchPose image overlay. Enhance surface pigmentation. Prepare images. Demonstrate asymmetry. Measure distance, angles, area. And so much more... only with MIRROR™ PhotoTools.
PhotoTools Features
Efficiency in the imaging workflow -
MIRROR™’s tethered capture saves time and prevents errors.

The key to creating an efficient workflow is reducing the number of steps for common tasks. The MIRROR™ direct interface allows you to capture high-quality digital images directly into a patient chart.
Preset shooting templates let you set camera controls automatically from within MIRROR™. Snap the shutter and you’ll see a large preview image on your computer screen. Click Save and images are filed away where they belong. Capturing and storing patient images just doesn’t get any simpler.

Easily match follow-up images by superimposing a translucent live preview over the baseline image to ensure perfect “before and afters” every time.
MIRROR™ interfaces with medical imaging systems such as OMNIA™ as well a number of clinical-grade digital cameras. Capture images directly to chart with the MIRROR™ direct interface.

With a single standard-light photo, the Enhance tool makes it easy to view pigment, fine lines and other surface features.

Use integrated tools to effortlessly prepare presentations that are polished and professional:
 • color and orientation matching to remove color shifts and adjust image size and rotation;
 • annotation, split-face comparison, asymmetry for effective communication;
 • automatically measure calibrated distances, angles, areas and proportions for surgical planning and analysis.

    Import any image from any source
    • digital camera
    • endoscope
    • scanner
    • video microscope
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“What used to take me an hour and a half, I can do in ten minutes with the Measurement tools.”

Gary Brownstein, MD
Cherry Hill, New Jersey, U.S.A.
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