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Note: All information on this page is based on the current versions of Canfield software and may not apply to earlier versions.

How can I get my system to run faster?
  • Increasing RAM is often the best way to improve performance. 1024 MB or more is recommended.
  • If you are using your Canfield software on a network, you can greatly improve performance by using a SQL database (click here for details).
  • Capture images at an appropriate resolution.
  • Use a higher compression level.
  • If you are using your Canfield software on a network, take advantage of the "Offline Files" feature in Windows XP Professional and Windows 2000 to keep a synchronized copy of the image (pics) folder cached on a local drive. (Note: you will need to make sure the local drive has sufficient capacity to hold the entire image folder.)
  • For tips on increasing the speed of image import, click here
How do I print the image date below each image?
  1. On the Print Preview screen, move the cursor to the bottom of an image (the cursor will change to an I-beam) and click. The Edit Caption dialog box opens.
  2. Click the "Insert Field" button.
  3. Using the scroll bar, locate "Image Date" in the list and click to select it.
  4. Click "Insert".
  5. If you wish the date to appear below every image, select the "Apply this caption to all images" check box.
  6. Click "OK."
How do I email images?
  1. In Windows, create a folder to store temporary image files.
  2. In Mirror, select or open the image(s) you wish to email.
  3. From the "Image" menu, select "Send To" then "Export Images."
  4. Under "Export Format," select "JPEG Compressed."
  5. Click the "Directory" button and browse to the temporary image folder (see step 1).
  6. Click "Export All."
  7. In your email program, attach the exported image files located in the temporary image folder.
  8. Delete the image files from the temporary image folder.
  9. For HIPAA purposes, make a note of the patient, images, recipient, purpose, etc. (consult your practice's HIPAA Privacy Officer for specifics).
What is a HASP key?

A HASP key is a hardware device that contains the license information for your Canfield software. The key must be present (either locally or on a network) for the software to run. The standard HASP key plugs into the parallel (printer) port. USB keys are also available.

Where can I obtain the latest HASP driver?

Click here to download the latest HASP driver. An outdated driver can lead to a number of problems.

Where can I find the key ID for my network workstation installation?

The key ID number for the network workstation install can be found by opening Mirror on the license server (the computer with the HASP key attached). Select "About Mirror" from the "Help" menu. The key ID is listed on the right side of the dialog box just below the version information.

Where can I obtain the drivers for my Wacom pen tablet?

Drivers for all Wacom pen tablets may be downloaded from www.wacom.com.

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